Seven Ways To Abide In Christ

Abiding is active.
We actively draw life from the Vine, Jesus, as we abide in Him.

We believe, we trust, we are closely connected. We are attached and grafted into the Vine in deep connection. We are positioned to receive all we can from the Vine. We receive the life-giving sap from the Vine. We draw from the Vine all that we need. It is our connection to the Vine that brings forth fruit – we cannot do it with self effort!

David in one of his Psalms writes that God says, “Come and talk with Me.” And his heart responds, “Lord, I am coming.” How does our heart respond? Is it, “Later, when I'm not so busy? When I have more time?” We will never have more time. We have to make time. And we will, if it’s what we really want. Best time, not leftovers. Not when we are half asleep! We will be abiding and dwelling as close to God as we desire and discipline ourselves to be.

Published on 30th March 2021 by White Tree Publishing

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