Seven Ways to Know God's Voice

Look out for the unexpected!

Moses was doing his daily task tending the sheep, when an angel appeared to him as a flame of fire in a bush! Moses was alert and ready to turn aside and investigate the unexpected. It was then that God called out to him, by name, and told him to take off his sandals for he was standing on holy ground.

If Moses hadn’t been alert he could have missed that bush! In our everyday lives, it’s good to be alert, on our toes, ready for the unexpected voice of God ‒ in unexpected places.

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"Lin takes Scripture to show you God's will for hearing His voice. If you doubt that God will speak to you, then read this book. It will show you how you can be ignoring God's voice. He wants to speak to you." ⭐⭐⭐⭐ GoodReads Review